Snono Systems, a major IT provider in Iraq, has launched  a Kushok-Powered new service for Earthlink resellers. The new service allows resellers all over the country to refill their reseller account easily from any Kushok terminal located in the country at anytime. This will cut the time and money required for them to visit Earthlink’s HQ or manually wiring cash.

Earthlink, which is a major internet service provider in Iraq, serves tens of thousands of houses and business in the country and has large user base and relies on WiFi towers owned by third-party resellers to deliver their service to last-mile subscribers.

“We really appreciate Earthlink’s cooperation with us, especially their IT team to make this service available on our Kushok payment terminals”, said Majid Qasim, GM at Kushok.

The service will be available starting from the 4th of October 2021 on all of our Kushok devices.