High Availability

Ensure uninterrupted internet service with our High Availability feature. In the event of unexpected disruptions, our system seamlessly switches to a reliable backup, guaranteeing continuous connectivity for your users

High Performance

Experience lightning-fast authentication and authorization processes with our High-Performance feature. Our ISP RADIUS server is optimized for speed and efficiency, ensuring quick response times and a seamless online experience for all subscribers

Handles Unlimited Subscribers:

Embrace limitless growth without compromising performance. Our ISP RADIUS server effortlessly scales to handle an unlimited number of subscribers, providing a robust solution that evolves with your user base. Explore unparalleled scalability without sacrificing speed or reliability

Radius Engine

At the heart of our ISP solution lies the Radius Engine, the powerhouse driving seamless authentication and authorization processes. Engineered for optimal performance, it ensures lightning-fast response times, contributing to a smooth and reliable internet experience for your subscribers. Trust in the robust capabilities of our Radius Engine for secure and efficient user management.

Clustered Database Engine

Powering the backbone of our system, the Clustered Database offers unparalleled reliability and scalability. Your data is distributed across a cluster of servers, ensuring high availability and efficient management of subscriber information. Experience the confidence of a resilient database infrastructure, designed to handle the evolving demands of your ISP with ease.

Portal Server

Elevate the user experience with our intuitive Portal Server. This component provides a user-friendly interface for subscribers to manage their accounts effortlessly. From profile updates to usage tracking, the Portal Server empowers users with control and transparency

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